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Meet Dr. Michael Kloorfain

Westwood Chiropractor Dr. Michael Kloorfain

Dr. Michael Kloorfain

Digestive problems ran in my family so I never thought it was the slightest bit unusual that at the age of eighteen I was living on Mylanta and Tums. There was always a roll of Tums on my fathers night stand and there was rarely a night that went by that he wasn’t using them. I just figured; “Like father like son”. It wasn’t until I started going to a chiropractor that my digestive problems started to clear up. I always thought that chiropractic care was for people with bad backs or stiff necks, it wasn’t until I started to get adjusted that I realized that my stomach problems could be resolved with simple chiropractic care. Shortly after starting care I was able to give up snacking on Tums and Mylanta and I was able to start eating the foods I that I enjoyed without paying the price. Starting chiropractic care was a life changing experience for me from a health perspective as well as a career choice.

I like to think that chiropractic found me rather then me choosing chiropractic as a career. The more I began to investigate a career in chiropractic the more I realized that it was the perfect choice for me. I was intrigued by the chiropractic philosophy and the biomechanical analysis required to treat patients. I also realized that chiropractic is a very family oriented profession; many practices consisted of multiple doctors from the same family. Since my brother Scott was already enrolled in chiropractic school I anticipated starting a practice together and I am proud to say that we are still practicing together after 30 years.

Starting Chiropractic College

I was so excited about starting my career in chiropractic that I applied for early decision to Chiropractic College after completing my pre chiropractic requirements at Rutgers College. Chiropractic school was the most challenging educational experience I have ever encountered. I became totally consumed by the chiropractic philosophy and the natural health methods that it represented. Since I was raised in a traditional medically oriented household I needed to realign my approach to natural holistic health care. It was a complete paradigm shift for me, but it was something that I was able to easily embrace. I came to realize that Chiropractic was not just a career choice but a way of life; a lifestyle that has guided the health choices of my entire family.

Starting a chiropractic practice was very exciting; most of my practice consisted of patients who did not respond to traditional medical care and were desperately looking for help. I guess you could say that my practice was founded on medical failures, patients who had been everywhere and were still in pain and chiropractic was their last hope. Providing relief and correction for patients who thought there case was hopeless was an incredible feeling. Today my practice has evolved and consists of patients that are not only interested in pain relief but patients who are looking to improve the quality of their lives through natural alternative health solutions.

A Little About Me…

My wife Robin and I have been married for 15 years and we have a teenage daughter Nicole. We enjoy skiing, traveling and vacations at the beach; one of our favorite trips was the time we spent in Paris. Having a teenage daughter keeps us busy , but we cherish the time that we spend together, whether we are jet skiing or just shooting baskets on the driveway. My personal hobbies are collecting antique automobiles, photography and running. I have had the opportunity to complete 6 marathons; participating in the New York City Marathon four times. If you have the chance to visit our office you will be able to view some of my photos from various vacations around the world hanging throughout our facility.

Chiropractic is a way of life for me as well as for my entire family. My daughter received her first chiropractic adjustment the day she was born and continues to be adjusted on a regular basis to maintain her good health. My wife is an advocate of regular adjustments and keeping her spine properly aligned allows her to maintain her active exercise schedule at the gym. I am pleased to say that our “medicine cabinet” is not filled with medicines but with vitamins, cosmetics, hair gels and other personal grooming products. Chiropractic adjustments are the solution for any health problem that my family may encounter along with proper nutrition and exercise . As for myself I could not imagine what my life would be like without chiropractic care. I can say without equivocation that regular chiropractic adjustments were a key part of my marathon training program and I would not have been able to complete 6 marathons without chiropractic care.

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